Liquor & Gaming Crown Casino

Labor breaks promise to implement Crown changes

The Andrews Labor Government cannot be trusted to deliver the reforms needed to clean up Victoria’s casino. Labor today walked away from its promise to...

Liquor & Gaming Crown Casino

Internal Labor warfare, not integrity, leads Minister to investigate gaming grants

An investigation into the Andrews Government’s awarding of gambling grants has taken too long to get off the ground after questions were first raised at...

Liquor & Gaming Crown Casino

Statement on Crown Royal Commission final report

Crown Royal Commission has delivered its final report today, but Victorians will wait weeks to see the detail after the Andrews Government decided to keep...

Liquor & Gaming Crown Casino

Crown cover up as Labor’s lackies on the crossbench vote against inquiry

Crossbench MPs from Hinch’s Justice Party, Shooters and Fishers, Animal Justice and Transport Matters joined Labor MPs today to vote down a proposal to investigate...

PAEC Liquor & Gaming Crown Casino

Labor’s PAEC protection racket running defence for Crown

Labor MPs on the Parliament’s Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC) used their numbers tonight to block a request for extra time to question the...

Liquor & Gaming Crown Casino

Allegations of tax evasion build case for more time to properly investigate Crown

Victoria’s Royal Commission into Crown Casino has heard explosive evidence that Crown may have underpaid its gambling taxes by up to $168 million. When pressed...

Liquor & Gaming Crown Casino

Crown Royal Commission set up to fail

With 78,000 documents to go through and just 76 days until the Crown Casino Royal Commission is due to report its findings, it’s clear the Labor...

Liquor & Gaming Crown Casino

Damning allegations exposed at Royal Commission

Evidence presented to the Royal Commission today suggests Crown Casino has become a law to itself under the Andrews Labor Government.  Today, the Royal Commission...

Liquor & Gaming Crown Casino

More questions for Daniel Andrews to answer on Crown Casino

The Andrews Labor Government still has serious questions to answer over why it didn’t act earlier on Crown Casino. Under questioning by the Liberals and...

Liquor & Gaming Crown Casino

Statement on the Royal Commission into Crown Casino

The Andrews Labor Government has been shamed into calling a Royal Commission into Crown Casino. This is the Royal Commission Daniel Andrews didn’t want to...

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