Trains Regional Public Transport

Labor making VLine trains even slower from December 1

The Andrews Labor Government’s failed management of regional Victoria’s VLine network has sunk to a new low. Opposition analysis** of the new VLine timetable shows...

Trains VLine Regional Public Transport

V/Line’s annual report reveals massive funding cuts

The Andrews Government has slashed $149 million from V/Line’s annual budget as country passengers continue to be plagued by frustrating delays, cancellations and service breakdowns....

Trains VLine Regional Public Transport

Regional passengers face lengthy delays with Labor’s cheap airport rail link

Regional train passengers will be condemned to a future of lengthy delays and longer travel times if the Andrews Government steamrolls plans for a dedicated...

Trains North East Rail Regional Public Transport

Labor’s track record on country trains goes from bad to worse

Half of the state’s V/Line services have failed to meet their punctuality targets every month for the past two years, a new analysis of data...

Trains North East Rail Regional Public Transport

Shadow Minister denied ticket to train design workshop

Euroa MP and Shadow Minister for Regional Public Transport Steph Ryan has been barred from attending the government’s consultation process for the design of new...

Trains VLine Regional Public Transport

Labor’s appalling track record on VLine

Frustrating delays on country train lines are leaving more and more regional Victorians stranded at the station with VLine punctuality plummeting again in July. Seven...

Trains North East Rail Regional Public Transport

North east line trains later than ever

Nearly half the services on the north-east line were late in June – the worst result since Daniel Andrews was elected in 2014. The latest...

Trains Regional Public Transport Geelong rail

Cosmetic fixes won’t fix poor performance on Geelong line

Geelong commuters are still plagued by delays and unreliable train services. The latest VLine performance figures show just 90.9 per cent of trains ran on...

Trains V/Line North East Rail Regional Public Transport

Training more drivers doesn’t fix old, unreliable trains

Today the Andrews Government claimed that by training more VLine drivers Labor will “deliver more reliable services”. But training more drivers won’t fix the old,...

Trains North East Rail VLine Regional Public Transport

Labor imagines new trains as horror run continues

Trains on the north-east line have continued their horror run, with a whopping 46.6 per per cent of services running 11 or more minutes late...

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