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Training more drivers doesn’t fix old, unreliable trains

21 May 2019

Today the Andrews Government claimed that by training more VLine drivers Labor will “deliver more reliable services”.

But training more drivers won’t fix the old, unreliable VLine rolling stock they drive.

In April, just 54.4 per cent of services on the north east line ran on time, miles short of the 92 per cent target. On the Gippsland line, punctuality was just 80 per cent.

While the Andrews Government continues to ignore the real problems facing VLine, regional passengers will continue to be left stranded at the platform and running late for business meetings and medical appointments.

The Federal Liberal Nationals Government has shown a genuine commitment to improve our regional rail, investing more than $1.6 billion into the $1.75 billion Regional Rail Revival.

Investing in upgrades to ageing regional rail lines and buying new, modern, comfortable rolling stock is the only way to fix Regional Victoria’s unreliable VLine services.

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