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What is Daniel Andrews’ plan to protect Victorian irrigators?

06 June 2018

The Andrews Labor Government needs to take a clear position to the next meeting of Ministers on the Murray Darling Basin Plan to ensure the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District (GMID) is not undermined.

Shadow Minister for Water Steph Ryan said Daniel Andrews’ Water Minister Lisa Neville had failed to outline any kind of plan to ensure that northern Victoria and communities like Shepparton do not lose more water.

"With the next meeting of Water Ministers just days away, Lisa Neville needs to tell us what her plan is to stop more water from leaving the GMID,” Ms Ryan said.

"To date the Andrews Labor Government has failed to outline a clear position on the socio-economic test used to determine the proposed recovery of an extra 450GL of water from the southern Basin."

Ms Ryan said the GMID could not afford to lose more water under the Basin Plan.

"The modelling from the Murray Darling Basin Authority shows what we already know – there has been a reduction in both employment and economic activity as a result of the more than 400GL of water already recovered from the southern Basin," Ms Ryan said.

"Lisa Neville admitted she didn't know what discussions were taking place between the Federal Water Minister and her Labor colleagues when an agreement was done over the sustainable adjustment mechanisms.

"The Andrews Labor Government failed to influence its Federal Labor colleagues who threatened to derail the plan and throw our communities back into uncertainty, having no impact during negotiations.

"Lisa Neville now needs to tell us what she plans to do to make sure Victorian irrigators don't lose more water."

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