Wild Dogs

Wild dogs out of control under Labor

15 May 2018

Wild dog attacks are getting out of control according to landholders, prompting Member for Euroa and Deputy Leader of The Nationals Steph Ryan to call on the Andrews Government to take urgent action.

Speaking in Parliament last week, Ms Ryan said some landholders said dog attacks were the worst they’ve been in 30 years.

“Attacks from wild dogs are putting livestock and farmers’ livelihoods under threat across north east Victoria and many farmers are concerned about the growing number of wild dogs they’re seeing,” Ms Ryan said.

“I am gravely concerned that the Andrews Labor Government is dismantling successful control measures to appease Green voters in Melbourne.

“Daniel Andrews scrapped the wild dog bounty and has recently banned wild dog controllers from using larger dog control traps.

“Labor MPs have no idea of how destructive and devastating wild dogs are to farming communities.”

Terry and Jan Ring from Upper Ryans Creek said it wasn’t only the financial loss that farmers have to deal with.

“What really needs to be made known to whoever will listen, is the depth of the physical, mental and emotional toll taken, not only on the farmer but, also on wife and family,” Mr Ring said.

“I still have flashbacks, 30 years on, from vision of dead and dying mauled animals strewn around the paddock or in a pile where they had suffocated fleeing from the dog.

“The psychological impact of this taints the wellbeing that should be had when going about the daily business of checking stock.”

Ms Ryan said local wild doggers did a fantastic job but were stretched due to a lack of resources.

“Instead of hampering wild dog control, the Andrews Government needs to provide more support,” Ms Ryan said.

“The Nationals will cut the red tape preventing wild doggers and landholders from properly controlling wild dogs. We will also hold a competitive tender process for spring and autumn aerial baiting and restore the wild dog advisory committee with majority landholder representation.”


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