Parliament Workplace Learning Coordinators

Workplace learning coordinators

03 September 2015

Ms RYAN — I am dismayed that Labor has axed Victoria's workplace learning coordinators. These coordinators are aligned to the state's 31 local learning and employment networks and are responsible for helping some 50 000 young people studying vocational education and training in schools to connect with meaningful industry placements. Shane Crispin was one of the coordinators working with local schools, including Benalla college, FCJ College, EdSpace and the Centre community college. Without Shane's help, these schools will have to organise workplace learning themselves, taking valuable time away from teaching.

The coalition government understood the importance of aligning workplace learning with the needs of industry and local skill shortages. The work of these coordinators has resulted in a significant increase in the number, duration and quality of workplace learning placements, particularly for Koori, newly arrived, disabled and at-risk students, and the number of employers participating in the program has increased from around 8600 in 2011 to 12 500 last year.


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